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Epilepsy is a very common problem affecting all age groups. It can be successfully treated with a single medicine in majority (70%) of the cases. Only 10-20% of the cases can continue to have seizures despite multiple medications. Such people have drug resistant epilepsy and many of these patients can be treated by epilepsy surgery. People with epilepsy can have normal life like others. It is important to know the type and cause of epilepsy for proper treatment. Medical treatment should always be Read More

Dr. Atma Ram Bansal

Dr. Atma Ram Bansal

Consultant Neurology & Epilepsy, Medanta The Medicity, Gurgaon, ( Delhi-NCR), India)

Dr. Atma Ram Bansal is one of the best epilepsy doctors in India working at Medanta- The Medicity Gurgaon. He is among the few neurologists in India who have undergone advance training in the management of epilepsy. He completed his super specialization in epilepsy at the prestigious and world famous institute in India at Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science and Technology, Trivandrum.

He believes in quality care and personal attention to each and every patient. He takes out time to explain about various aspects of diagnosis and management including definite advantages of each investigation and treatment option and answers all the queries.

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75+ Successful Surgeries

Epilepsy surgery is a special type of treatment required in complicated epilepsies. These patients continue to have seizures despite trial of multiple medicines. By doing various investigation we pinpoint the area of brain responsible for seizures. All these details are discussed in a team of experts including Neurologists -epileptolgists, pediatric neurologist, neurosurgeon, neuroradiologist and neuropsychologist. We at medanta have done surgery in 75 such patients with an excellent control of seizures in more than 90% of the patients. Many of these patients are even free of medications at present. This kind of treatment facility is available only in very few centers in India.

  • Dr. Atma Ram Bansal is wonderful. He is Carrying and understand his patient problem very well. he has been very supportive and there for us before surgery and even after surgery whenever we needed. Thanking you would not be enough of your support and care that you gave to my sister. God Bless you! We wish you a great way Ahead. Thank you

  • Pawan Kumar

    My Daughter had been suffering from Seizure Disorder till November last year for 3 years and under treatment of Doctor Atma Ram Bansal, Epileptologist, for 2 years. Before his treatment, my other efforts for her treatments gone in vain. Conclusion of my said experience is: Doctor Bansal is very Sincere, Down to earth and very much capable of handling the very complicated cases like of my daughter. He treats his patients with humility and remains in a state of readiness all time to help them through physical or virtual (on internet) Presence. I am highly grateful to Doctor Bansal.

  • Pallavi Verma

    I owe my life to Dr. Atma Ram Bansal
    I got the best treatment and owe my life to Dr. Atma Ram Bansal . I wouldn’t be alive if i didn’t meet Dr. Atma Ram and followed his treatment as i used to get 30-35 seizures in a day. I have never seen any Doctor like him as the he lis nens so patience when i met him i got to know I am in safe and expertise hands. I got nid of epilepsy permanently after 28 years of fight. He came like God to me and saved my life. I would recommend all epilepsy fighters to meet Dr. Atma Ram Bansal to get seizure free life. I whole heartedly thanks Dr.Atma Ram for giving me a new life

  • Dhirendra Bansal

    Dr. Saheb, I will always be thankful in my life the way you give care to my son Master Harshdeep Bansal, suffered from Acute Epilepsy from 2010 Onwards and was on a dosage of three anti-epileptic drugs but was not getting controlled. Your technical skills, personal touch is marvelous. I personally saw many times; your Attention towards patients, Dedication and Skill towards work/hospital, Sweet Smile by which the patient/attendant put themselves into ease. May God help you in your entire endeavor in the life.

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